The Board often hears complaints about trash cans, particularily where the cans should be stored during the week and where they are placed on trash removal days.  Please familiarize yourself with the information below, and help us keep our neighborhood clean and our sideways free of obstructions.

Trash cans should not be stored where visible from the street; per City of Centennial code. Our covenants also reference this in the “Nuisance” section where it restricts storage of items that would be unsightly or emit foul odors that might disturb surrounding neighbors.

City of Centennial code/ordinance:
Proper Storage of Refuse Containers
Garbage cans can be placed up to 24 hours in the public street, not on the sidewalk, to accommodate trash removal. Garbage cans must be stored in areas not visible from the street, and lids must be used to minimize odors and keep pests away.

How to address an issue:

  1. Send an email to the CRC (convenant review committee) and ask them to send an email or letter as a friendly reminder to the homeowner. Make sure to give them the address of home you reference. email:
  2. Report it to the city. You can do this on the City of Centennial’s website.
  3. Speak to the homeowner yourself, politely referencing the city ordinance.