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All owners of property in the Highlands 460 are legally bound to comply with the requirements of the Covenants, a copy of which should have been provided to you when you closed on the property. You can find them on the Covenants page, in pdf format (see Download Attachments at the bottom of this page) and in your Highlands 460 Directory. The Covenants are enforced by our Covenant Review Committee (CRC).

All exterior modifications to homes require approval from the Covenant Review Committee. These are a few examples of what must be approved:

Roofs Fencing Patios/decks
Sheds Windows Landscaping (major)
Siding Solar Home additions

Mail a signed Improvement Request Form to the CRC to start the process for approval before you sign contracts for the work. If you have questions about your project, email the community Advisor at H460Advisor@highlands460.org. The Advisor can help work through any potential issues with your project.

Non-approved items are violations subject to being rectified at the homeowner’s cost.

Other requirements for Highlands 460 homeowners:

  • Trash cans must be kept in garages or behind fencing which has been approved by the CRC.
  • Trees that hang over the sidewalk must be trimmed to 8 feet above the sidewalk and 15 feet above the street. Shrubs must not cover the sidewalk (city ordinance).
  • Centennial requires permits for many types of improvements. Check the Centennial website for details.
  • Homeowners must keep weeds under control, including those that are between fences and sidewalks. (City ordinance)
  • Homeowners should remove snow from sidewalks within 24 hours.

All homeowners are members of the Highlands 460 Civic Association. Yearly dues are voluntary (the Dues Form is in Download Attachments at the bottom of this page), though you must have paid dues to participate in some of the events. The Association is run entirely by volunteers in the community and, in addition to assisting the CRC with enforcing the covenants, sponsors many activities:

  • monthly newsletter
  • July 4th Parade
  • Ice Cream Social & Recycling
  • Neighborhood Picnic
  • Community Garage Sale
  • Large Item Pickup
  • Fall Clean Up Day

Check out the events calendar section of this website to see what’s coming up. There is also an informal neighborhood playgroup (email h460news@highlands460.org to join). Every other year we publish a neighborhood directory which is distributed only to our 864 homes.

Our preferred trash collection company is ProDisposal.

Our monthly Board meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, held at 7:00 at Metrum Community Credit Union, 6980 S Holly Circle. All residents are invited to participate. The annual Homeowners Meeting is the first Wednesday in February, also at 7:00 at Metrum. Recent Minutes of the meetings are online, as well as financial reports.

The monthly Highlands Highlights newsletter is put together by Colorado Lasertype, with articles contributed by H460 volunteers, and sent to all homes. You can see recent issues here.

The perimeter brick fencing/landscaping and the five entry islands for the original Highlands 460 subdivisions are owned and maintained by Southern Metropolitan District, a special taxing district. Additional information is available on SMD’s website at www.SouthernMetroDistrict.com. Questions or emergency contact should be directed to the Board chairman, Richard Boon, at 303.221.1559. Meetings of SMD are open to H460 residents and are held at Wild Basil (corner of Holly and County Line). Check the SMD website for dates.

If you’re new to the neighborhood, please let us know – we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at H460Board@highlands460.org.

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