Greetings, H460! Your Civic Association needs a new President!

After 4 years serving on your Board, I am feeling the need to step aside. With a growing business and 3 other leadership positions, I’m spread too thin to be effective in the role, so the H460 needs another resident to step forward and carry on the good work your Board has been supporting. Good news is the Board infrastructure has grown to 7 members, is routine, and has a pool of regular volunteers to support the activities. If you’re curious about the role and the Board, please join us at the next Board meeting on Wednesday, December 5 and Wednesday, January 2, to learn more and meet our wonderful Board. Wednesday, February 6 is the H460’s Annual Meeting when we have Board elections and that’s when the new role would begin. I will still be available in a consultative capacity to support the transition.

Secondly, the Board is exploring the idea of HIRING a resident to help maintain the covenant standards which keep H460 home values increasing due to the neighborhood being well maintained and looking good. If you are interested in interviewing for this role, please let me know ( or 303-902-7525). The role would probably only require a few hours per week and might be ideal for the resident who frequently takes the dog for a walk or enjoys walking around the neighborhood. The interested candidate would have the full support of the City of Centennial’s Code Enforcement services because most of the H460 covenants are the same as the City’s ordinances. Please give me a call if you have interest, have questions, and would like to earn a few extra $$.