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Highlands 460 Covenants – “All residences shall have adequate roofing, approved by the Committee, in keeping with the character of a weathered wood shake roof.”

All new roofs must be approved by the Covenant Review Committee BEFORE contracts are signed for materials and/or work.

The character of a weathered wood shake roof can be described as:

  • dimensional appearance (not flat, some thickness, layered, and color variations)
  • random-cut sawtooth or staggered design to look like shake-size separate shingles
  • colors in the ranges of browns and grays, with shadowing and/or variations in coloring to add to the effect of dimension.

Therefore the Covenant Review Committee believes the following do not comply and are not acceptable:

  • style/shape looks like Mediterranean or classic tile, natural slate or ridged metal
  • red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, purple
  • 3 tab, t lock, scalloped or brick-shaped

Since stone-coated steel and concrete products can be made to look like shake shingles these are acceptable.


Submit an Improvement Request form (IR) to the Covenant Review Committee clearly stating the manufacturer, material name, and desired color choice details. Approval must be obtained in writing BEFORE the homeowner contracts for material or work to prevent a homeowner from having to replace an inferior roof.

The original, signed Improvement Request must be mailed to the association for legal record. You may also email the CRC and attach a pdf of the IR form to alert them of the pending paperwork. Improvement Request Form

If you have questions or concerns about the approval process, or about the roof you want to install, please contact our community Advisor at If you do not have internet access, you may leave a phone message on the association call line (303-331-2366) and someone will contact you.

The CRC wishes to emphasize to homeowners the importance of following these procedures. Contracting for or installing a material/color without CRC approval puts a homeowner at risk for the expensive costs of correcting the violation.


The following list is provided as a time-saving guideline for busy homeowners. All of these roofing materials work well in the Highlands 460 neighborhood. Suggested roofing materials are listed only as a convenient guideline. (Note that the list represents what was researched previously and a specific shingle may have changed names, may no longer be manufactured, or may have changed in composition. The list will be updated as the CRC learns that materials have changed.)

Please remember, homeowners do still have to submit an Improvement Request for these materials specifying the exact name of the product and color.

CertainTeed: Presidential and Landmark

GAF: Glenwood, Grand Canyon, Grand Sequoia, Timberline

IKO: Dynasty, Cambridge

Malarkey: Windsor, Legacy

Owens Corning: Woodmoor, Woodcrest, Duration

Tamko: Heritage

Decra (stone-coated steel): Shake, Shingle

Gerard (stone-coated steel): Canyon Shake

Metro (stone-coated steel): Shake

Westile (concrete): Shake

It is critical that homeowners obtain approval for a chosen material before signing contracts. Most reputable firms will guarantee their bid long enough for homeowners to complete the Improvement Request Form and obtain approval. Please take care to use the EXACT NAME OF THE PRODUCT AND COLOR on both the Improvement Request and the contract.

Requesting approval to install a material that IS NOT listed above:

Improvement Requests for other materials may require research by the CRC volunteers to determine if the conditions of the covenants are met. The homeowner may be asked to submit samples and a listing of prior installations where the material can be seen. Please contact the community Advisor at to discuss preferred materials and colors so issues can be resolved before you submit your Improvement Request.

Thank you!