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as Landscaping Elements
General Guidelines

What is fencing? Following the duck theory, the more it looks like fencing the more likely it is a fence. When reviewing how front yard fencing has been used in our neighborhood as landscaping elements, we observed that many of these fences are lower than the standard fencing described in our covenants. The lower the fence, the less it appears as a barrier or is designed to contain or control a space.

The ACC believes that a reasonable height for front yard fence used as landscaping elements should have posts no more than 30 inches high as measured from existing grade, limited to a two rail, split rail fence with a maximum of two contiguous sections of fencing measuring no more than twenty linear foot and using three posts. The two sections can be either linear or perpendicular to each other. The front yard decorative fencing is limited to less than 50% of the totaI linear footage of the outer boundary of the front yard and side yard if the side yard also faces a street.

[Note: The ACC (Architectural Control Committee) is now the Covenant Review Committee.]