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Highlands 460 Covenants

Each homeowner in the Highlands 460 is bound by the Covenants of the community whether or not they have paid their dues to the Highlands 460 Civic Association. If you have misplaced your copy or you are a prospective/new resident you can download and print out the covenants for your records.

Read the Covenants.

Download the Covenants in pdf format (See Download Attachments at the bottom of this page).

The Covenant Review Committee (CRC) is in charge of enforcing the covenants as well as reviewing and responding to Improvement Requests from homeowners. The CRC has also adopted guidelines and procedures (see below) regarding specific items to go along with the covenants.

Approval of the Covenant Review Committee (CRC) is required before any construction or alterations are made to any home or lot, including roofs, fencing, sheds, etc. Submit an Improvement Request Form prior to initiating contracts for construction.
Non-approved work and products are violations subject to be rectified at the cost of the homeowner.

Begin by contacting the community Advisor ( as soon as you start thinking about replacing a fence or roof, building a shed or deck, adding solar, etc. The Advisor will discuss your project with you, answer questions and help resolve any issues prior to submission of your Improvement Request.

Download the Improvement Request Form in pdf format (See Download Attachments at the bottom of this page).

Complete the form and provide a set of plans and specifications, or brochures and product descriptions to the Covenant Review Committee at the address provided on the form. A signed IR must be mailed for our files. You may also email a copy to the CRC for a quicker response.

Email the Covenant Review Committee (CRC) at

CRC Guidelines and Procedures

Above and beyond our covenants and CRC guidelines and procedures we are subject to city codes. Centennial’s site is

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