Community Advisor

The membership of your H460 Covenant Review Committee (CRC) has changed! We have all new membership and a brand new approach we’d like to introduce you to.

Our goal is to have a neighborhood we can all be proud of, supporting the families and neighbors who live in and care about their homes and this community. We believe that homeowners want to ‘do it right’….following our community standards, covenants and procedures.

Want to improve your home, but you just don’t know what is expected in our community?

Seeking guidance should be your first step when planning a home improvement project and we just made it easier:

• Enter our new Community Advisor, a friendly person who will discuss your project with you, answer questions and help resolve any issues prior to submission of your Improvement Request.

• Contact the Advisor (H460advisor@highlands460.org) as soon as you start thinking about replacing a fence or roof, building a shed or deck, adding solar, etc. You’ll be amazed with how easy the process is and that most of the time it only requires a quick chat!

• If you are going to be spending your hard-earned money to improve your house, let the community Advisor help you protect your investment with advice and help in navigating the Covenant process(es).

• When potential problems are caught before contracts are signed and work begins, you are protected and our community is too.

Your new CRC is truly here to serve our community, balancing homeowner desires with the requirements of our Covenants, the preservation of property values, and keeping H460 a great place to live. Help us help you, and contact the Advisor before you begin your home improvement project.

H460 Garage Sale – June 10th & 11th

The Highlands 460 neighborhood wide garage sale is scheduled for Friday, June 10th and Saturday, June 11th. The H460 Garage Sale is being sponsored by and coordinated by H460 volunteer and Board Member, Rob Mancey, of Destination Denver Realty. If you would like to participate in the Garage Sale, please sign up no later than May 29th 2016 by contacting Rob Mancey at GarageSaleH460@gmail.com or 303-902-7525.

Participants in the Garage Sale will have their address highlighted on a map that will be made available to shoppers at the H460 entrances. The Garage Sale will be advertised locally and online.

IF you have “stuff” of value around the house you’d like to unload and you would like to DONATE it to be sold in the Garage Sale, it will be sold to raise money for a farm school and development program in Haiti. (If this program is of interest to you and for more information, please contact Rob Mancey)

Large Item Pickup – June 18th

This is the yearly opportunity to have large trash items hauled away that normally would be charged special fees if left curbside during the year. The  ability to have large items hauled away from your curb is worth far more than the yearly $35 H460 Association dues!
Some of the FAQ’s & answers are listed below. If you have any questions not covered, call the message line at 303-331-2366 and a volunteer will  get back to you.
What day will the pickup be made?
The Large Item Pickup (LIP) will be Saturday, June 18.
Who is able to use this service?
• Any homeowner who has paid the 2016 HOA dues can participate in the LIP service and will be mailed a distinctly colored postcard.
• Homeowners who have not mailed their HOA dues to the H460 mailbox by June 7, can still pay and participate in the LIP by calling the message line, leaving contact information and indicating clearly the need to pay before the LIP.
When should I expect to receive my postcard?
• The postcards to be placed on the “pile” should arrive by June 12.
What should I do if my postcard does not arrive by June 7?
• You can call the message line at 303-331-2366 and a volunteer will get back to you.
If I want to pay my dues now and be eligible to participate in the LIP, what should I do?
• You can still pay your dues now and participate in the LIP service if received in the H460 mailbox by June 7. Please visit the H460 website for the dues form which contains all necessary information for dues payment or you can call the message line at 303-331-2366.
Who should I contact for a replacement card if it is lost?
• You can call the LIP organizer, Jeff Huber at 303-870-0980.
Arrangements can be made for residents to pick up last minute cards the Friday before LIP (June 17).
What if my house is missed by the garbage company on the day of the LIP?
• You can call the LIP organizer, Jeff Huber at 303-870-0980. If your “pile” hasn’t been picked up by noon or your neighbors’ have been picked up but not yours, please call.
Additional Instructions/Reminders:
• Please be sure items are curbside by 6:30 a.m. on the day of the LIP. The crews start at 6:30 a.m.
• If you place items curbside the night before, please do not place the card on the pile until the next morning. We usually have pickers cruising the neighborhood the night before and the cards may be inadvertently lost.
• Everyone should check by noon and if your neighbor’s items have been picked up but yours was not, please call the
LIP organizer.
Acceptable Waste Items for Collection:
Scrap Lumber, scrap metal, carpet, doors, cabinets, drywall, fencing materials, small appliances, washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers, water heaters, furniture, bed frames, box springs, mattresses, bicycles, swing sets, kiddie wading pools, lawn furniture, railroad ties, tree stumps, BBQ grills without the propane tanks, lawn mowers (with empty gas and oil tank), non-hazardous miscellaneous junk.
Unacceptable waste that will not be picked up (this list is not all inclusive):
Any single item that cannot be lifted by 2 people (more than 150lbs); liquid of any kind; any appliance with Freon unit such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners; car bodies, car batteries, antifreeze, motor oil; tires (Colorado law); propane tanks; sealed containers or drums; any item listed as hazardous material; any corrosives, pesticides, herbicides, or paint; radioactive waste; pharmaceutical waste; industrial waste; agricultural waste (i.e. tree stumps, loose soil or stones); florescent lighting; household trash; computers,
computer screens, televisions, other electronic devices
(Colorado law).
**Oversized items must be disassembled to fit inside the
truck. Broken glass must be boxed and secured with tape.

If you are willing to volunteer to help fellow neighbors who may not be physically able to move large items to the curbside, please email h460news@highlands460.org or
call the LIP organizer, Jeff Huber at 303-870-0980. A few
minutes of your time could mean a lot to those who would
otherwise be left out.
If you are physically unable to move items to the curbside,
please email h460news@highlands460.org or call the LIP organizer, Jeff Huber at 303-870-0980, and arrangements
can be made to help you.

Island Update

Dear Highlands 460 Neighbors,

The major restoration and repair work has begun on our 5 entry islands and some side areas along those entrances. The first project of replacing the concrete curb and apron around the islands is under way. After completion of the concrete work we will begin to see many changes to the existing landscape. What you won’t see are the extensive changes to the electrical and irrigation infrastructure. All the work will comply with the City of Centennial building codes.

The contractors will be diligent to cause as little disruption to the traffic patterns while not compromising their safety. Please expect some detours throughout this whole process which could take a few months.

We thank all of you for your understanding. If you have questions you may contact me, Ed Quinn, a member of the Board of the Southern Metropolitan District. 303-807-7688, Ed@EdQuinnSite.com.

Event Dates for 2016

Garage sale: June 10 & 11
Large Item Pickup: June 18 (must have paid your dues to participate)
July 4th Parade: July 4th
Ice Cream Social: July 23
H460 Picnic: August 20 (must have paid your dues to participate)
Fall Cleanup: not yet determined

View events in the calendar

Need a New Roof?

Remember that YOU MUST SUBMIT AN IMPROVEMENT REQUEST FORM AND OBTAIN APPROVAL from the Covenant Review Committee BEFORE signing any contracts, purchasing materials, or beginning any improvements. This applies even to replacement with materials previously approved. The Request form allows H460 volunteers to help you avoid costly mistakes and to help identify applicable covenants and even city or state restrictions. Your covenants require approval from the CRC; repairs/improvements not approved are violations subject to be rectified at the cost of the homeowner.

Improvement Request Form

Roofing Information

Email the Covenant Review Committee: crc@highlands460.org.

Please also remember that your Covenant Review Committee is not run by a paid management company but consists of neighborhood volunteers, so be courteous and patient.