Hail Damage?


Remember that YOU MUST SUBMIT AN IMPROVEMENT REQUEST FORM AND OBTAIN APPROVAL FROM THE COVENANT REVIEW COMMITTEE BEFORE BEGINNING ANY REPAIRS. This applies even to replacement with materials previously approved. Our covenants require approval from the CRC; repairs not approved are subject to be rectified at the cost of the homeowner.

Improvement Request Form

Roofing Information

Email the Covenant Review Committee: crc@highlands460.org.

Please also remember that your Covenant Review Committee is not run by a paid management company but consists of neighborhood volunteers, so be courteous and patient in this hectic time.

Covenant Information and FAQs


All homeowners in the Highlands 460 are legally bound to comply with the covenants of the Highlands 460 Homeowners Association whether they have paid dues or not. If you have misplaced your copy or you are a prospective/new resident you can download and print out the covenants for your records.
Approval of the Covenant Review Committee (CRC) is required before any construction or alterations are made to any home, including roofs, fencing, sheds, etc. Submit an Improvement Request Form prior to initiating contracts for construction.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I see the Covenants? Highlands 460 Covenants.
Where can I get the Improvement Request Form? Improvement Request Form.
What roofs have been approved in the past? Roofing Information.
What can I get on the Downloads page? Click Downloads above for access to Highlands 460 financial reports, newsletters, Board minutes, the annual dues form, the Improvement Request Form, a map of the neighborhood, Covenant guidelines and the full copy of the Covenants.

City of Centennial Fence Permit Requirement
This is a big change for the City of Centennial. Going forward along with Improvement Requests sent into the CRC you will be required to get a permit from the City to build/replace a fence on your property. Go to the City’s website: Centennial and search for “fence brochure.”

Realtor / Title Company Information
Looking for details about Highlands 460? Need a title letter? Follow the link below for all the details.
Realtor & Title Company Information

Holiday Lighting Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the Holiday Lighting Contest

Children’s Choice Award:  3891 E. Long Court

1st Place:  7945 S Madison Way

2nd Place:  3855 E Mineral Place

3rd Place:  8066 S Harrison Way

Thanks to all of the homeowners who once again this year created some of the most beautiful and festive displays in the entire area.

Annual Homeowner Meeting

Our annual Homeowners’ Meeting will be February 4. Please note that this is MONDAY; Metrum could not make the room available for our usual Wednesday date.

There will be a review of events of 2015, nominations for new Board members, and an opportunity to bring up community-related topics for discussion. 

Your help is requested in seeing that we have a quorum to properly complete the annual meeting business. Those needing transportation are asked to email the board or leave a message on the call line (303-331-2366) by February 3.

7:00 PM, Metrum Community Credit Union, 6980 S Holly Circle

Island Updates

Greetings Highlands 460 Neighbors,

We wrote to you in the spring, and again in October, about the island work to be done by the Southern Metropolitan District. The endless rainy season put our curb and gutter contractor way behind. We held off on planting flowers this year hoping the work would get done. Our contractor has informed us that the necessary permits are in place and they are ready to begin so no holiday lights will be put up this year. Unfortunately weather has continued to be uncooperative – we need a stretch of consistently warm weather for the work – so it’s back to waiting again.

The concrete work is the first step in the major make over of all five islands. When the concrete work is completed the electrician will bring all islands up to code. Then the landscaper will make numerous changes and additions while upgrading the sprinkler systems where needed.

Please remember the curb and gutter replacement will require heavy equipment and foot traffic on the islands, so we can expect minor detours when work begins.

We know the islands have not been the most welcoming this year without flowers and now no lights. Thank you for your patience and understanding. When all the improvements are complete we will get to enjoy the entry islands for years to come.

Ed Quinn is the SMD Board member assigned as the point person for these projects. Feel free to contact Ed with any questions. 303-807-7688, Ed@EdQuinnSite.com

Perimeter Landscaping & Entry Islands

Southern Metropolitan District is a special taxing district that is responsible for the maintenance of the perimeter fencing/landscaping and the five entry islands for the original Highlands 460 subdivisions. Additional information is available on SMD’s website at www.SouthernMetroDistrict.com. Questions or emergency contact should be directed to the Board chairman, Richard Boon, at 303.221.1559.

Meetings of SMD are open to H460 residents and are held at Wild Basil (corner of Holly and County Line). Check the SMD website for dates.

General Contact Info and Dues Form

Highlands 460 Board of Directors: H460Board@highlands460.org.

Covenant Review Committee: crc@highlands460.org.

Website: webmaster@highlands460.org.

Highlands 460 annual dues form: Dues Form.

To update your contact information for the Highlands 460 database: H460treas@highlands460.org.

To update your email address for Highlands 460 emailings: H460.emailblast@gmail.com.

Highlands 460, PO Box 2691, Centennial CO 80161

Metrum Community Credit Union www.metrumcu.org